Nicaragua Las Delicias - Pulped natural

389,00 Kč

Las Delicias, the farm of the Mierisch family, is one of the best producers in Central America with an impressive list of award-winning coffees! Since generations, the Mierisch family is in the coffee business and constantly aims to improve the cultivation and processing of coffee on all their eleven farms. This lot has a very floral aroma and the dominant flavors are rose, peach, nougat & walnut. Very geisha-like structure and sweetness.

Variety: Java

Processing: Pulped natural

Altitude: 1300 - 1400

Coffee growing area: 4,5 ha


Notes: walnut x peach x rose

This coffee was imported by PLOTCOFFEE from Hamburg. Based on loyal partnerships and years of experience in sourcing and direct trade, they can offer one of the most exclusive and outstanding selections of specialty coffees in Europe. They are focused on high-scoring nano and micro-lots sourced from the best plots you can find. Our cooperation with this new sourcing partner is just at the beginning.