Uganda Jasiri - Semi Anaerobic

389,00 Kč

Jasiri means “brave” in Swahili, and we decided this was an apt name for the coffee, the profile, and the adventurous roasters and consumers who will love this lot.

This coffee is part of a new project with Kingha Estates outgrowers. Kingsley Griffin, the owner of Kingha Estate, is committed to working with local farmers to improve their income and believes different processing protocols have the potential to increase quality. All our coffees with the name Kingha Collective are coffees from small farms in Kinungu District, the same district as Kingha Estate.

Variety: SL-28, SL-14, SL-34

Processing: Semi Anaerobic

Altitude: 1350 - 1550

Coffee growing area: 2 ha

Partner: Nordic Approach

Notes: rooibos x orange zest x milk chocolate

Cherries are floated and then fermented in polypropylene bags for 72 hours. After this the cherry skin is removed, the beans are fermented in a tank then dry fermented in a tank overnight, before being washed and rinsed, and carefully dried on raised tables, partially under the shade and cover from the rain.

This lot is a limited edition 9-bag experimental lot, made up of coffees from different smallholders in the district where Kingha Estate is located. Altitudes range from 1500 - 2000 masl and the coffees in this lot were picked over the period of some weeks in November and December 2019. The cherries are purchased from the farmers and processed and dried at Kingha Estate, which has a wet mill that operates as a communal micro-washing station.
At Kingha Estate, the coffees are mostly washed, but there are different fermentation methods.