El Salvador La Providencia - Natural

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Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez both come from long lines of coffee producers. Together, they run Finca La Providencia under the name of INVERFINCA, SA de C.V. Finca La Providencia, focused on specialty production, sits a 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level in Cantón La Pandeadura in the Ahuacapán department, in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range.

Cherry is handpicked and laid to dry on raised beds. Coffee is turned frequently to promote even drying. After several days of drying in direct sunlight on the raised beds, cherry is transferred to clay patios where it completes drying. Dried cherry is rested and then transported to Beneficio El Carmen, a dry mill in Concepcion de Ataco, Ahuachapan. In total, coffee rests 45 to 150 days between the time it finishes drying and export.

Variety: Caturra

Processing: Natural

Producer: Fernando Alfaro, Jose Enrique Gutierrez

Altitude: 1100 - 1300

Weight: 250g

Roasted on: 26. 1. 2021 (filter roast)

Notes: caramel x honey x apple

Unlike other countries, where specialty coffee production has required a great deal of additional investment and training, El Salvador already has a broad and skilled specialty coffee workforce. Farming traditions run deep, and many Salvadorian farmers are extremely passionate about coffee production and continuously strive to improve their crops. El Salvador has optimal conditions for coffee processing. The prolonged dry season typically occurs during the harvest season, making it easier to sundry coffee.