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The taste of coffee is affected by the place of origin, variety, method of processing, and freshness. However, proper work with coffee beans is also important. For filter coffee we can recommend at least 4 days from roasting day, then try to consume it within five weeks. Protect the beans from the air as well as large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.


There are two main ways we can control extraction, in any method of brewing coffee is the most important grind size, and time of extraction. We use the coarsest grinding (sea salt grain size) for French Press, Clever Dripper, Chemex, medium coarse (semolina flour) for Kalita, V60 and Aeropress and the finest for espresso or mocca (similar to flour).

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Water makes up more than 98% of your final cup of filter coffee, so the water choice makes a huge difference to all aspects of the final character of your cup of coffee. For home brewing we can recommend bottled water, BWT, or Brita water filter kettles or ideally ask your favorite specialty coffee shop for their formula. We recommend using soft water with dissolved substances amount 110 to 150 mg per l. Magnesium helps increase the perception of sweetness in coffee. The water temperature should be 90 - 95°C.


Fresh roasted coffee with a clear origin and quality roasting

Grind size

The right choice of coarseness or fineness of your ground coffee and the right time of extraction

Quality water

Quality filtered water with the right content of magnesium and sodium.

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