Colombia El Mirador - Lactic natural

439,00 Kč
Momentálně vyprodáno

Following on from the huge hit that was the Anaerobic Natural process lot from El Diamante, we are happy to present another crazy process-driven natural, this time from Elkin Guzman, the owner of El Mirador. Surrounded by coffee since he was born, Elkin hails from a family that has always been involved in coffee cultivation, trading, or retail. Elkin & his family boast over 70 years of involvement in coffee, with 12 years of research devoted to post-harvest processing techniques.

Variety: Tabi

Processing: Lactic natural

Altitude: 1550 - 1680

Roast date: 26. 11. 2020 / filter roast

Notes: pineapple x red berries x candy like

The Lactic Natural process begins by submerging the cherries in a salt solution for 12–24 hours. This salt solution eliminates unwanted microorganisms and promotes the growth of other bacteria like lactobacillus, which produces lactic acid. The cherries are then washed & sealed into plastic tanks with no oxygen. Here the coffee is anaerobically fermented for 124–160 hours before being moved to shaded, raised patios where the coffee is dried for 25–30 days.

While other Tabi lots produced at El Mirador produce clean crisp flavor profiles, the lactic natural brings out unexpected and intense notes of cacao nibs, tropical fruit & some serious funk.