Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa - Natural

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Refisa is a washing station located in West Arsi with 389 active farmer members that deliver cherries. This washing station is owned by SNAP COFFEE exporters. The cultivars are Welisho and Kurume. Bordering Bale Mountain National Park’s Harenna Forest, an area that just recently started to see a lot of investment from producers, you can now find micro-stations processing wild forest coffee in the most remote areas hardly accessible by car.

Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1950

Origin type: Mill

Partner: Nordic Approach

Notes: strawberry x blueberry x cream 

SNAP COFFEE was established in Addis Ababa in 2008, by coffee-passionate entrepreneur, Negusse D. Weldyes. The company runs three coffee washing and processing stations in Chelelektu, Kochere District of the Gedeo Zone, and partnering washing stations in Uraga (Guji) and Nensebo (West Arsi). On average, about 550 farmers supply each washing station.