We are a small group of coffee-loving fools based in Brno. Yeah, Brno. The second best city on planet Earth, right? Just kidding, this joke can understand only people from Prague. 
THE SPACE is a specialty coffee roastery focused on quality, design, and perfect service.
Nordic style of roasting suits us the best because it enhances the natural flavors and the potential of every coffee bean. We believe that you will be surprised by all the detailed taste nuances and will enjoy every single sip.

3 things what we are focused

Raw material.  The raw material is absolutely essential and that's why we focus our attention on making the right choice of green coffee. Our aim is to have the closest insight and control over the green-buying. We taste every green coffee before buying and only aim for the best, longlasting relationship with the importer, we are interested only in high quality, sustainable coffee farms with a declared history.

Quality and consistency. The quality of raw material is the basis, but we also focus our attention on the quality of our water and equipment. Each production batch is properly tested and inspected before it reaches our customers.

Design.  How we present our products to you is the last but not least important thing for us. Therefore we try to create a quality product with an exceptional visual look, that you will be eager to take home.

Where we came from?

As you can read, we are based in Brno, but our team is from totally different industries. At this moment we are a team of two folks who create the whole production, actually three if we include a black pug in our team (his name is Cheddar).
Founder Viktor, while studying information technology, discovered his love for coffee. During his studies he tried to invent various coffee projects. After a few years spent in the coffee industry and popular cafes in Brno, he decided to establish his own coffee roastery with a space/universe theme. It was just at the end of 2017. Since then, he has been trying to roast the best possible coffee and cooperate with the best cafes throughout the whole of Europe.

At the beginning of 2020, Honza joined the team. He's of course also out of the hospitality field. Honza, while studying, fell in love with coffee too. He worked in the Brno best espresso bar for a few years, graduated in law university, and joined our team. Together we are trying to make things better and bigger, and that's just the beginning. 

And our CEO and Quality Control Cheddar oversees the whole thing, of course.