re.usable coffee bag

Our very first piece of merchandise. We have been thinking for a long time what kind of our thing with a "SPACE" brand you can buy for yourself. We don't just want to put a logo on a t-shirt. We want to create interesting and limited pieces that you will practically use.

There are many people among us who need only good coffee and not collect unnecessarily the same packaging. This product is just for them. Reusable and washable coffee bag, which fits the ideal 200 - 400g coffee, some cables, chargers, makeup, whatever. A bag with a neon label and our mascot Cheddar the pug is just in the world and two talented girls from VENNA took care of it.



VENNA is a fashion brand founded by young couple Vendula and Natália based in Brno. One day they fell in love with linen and from that moment they are working only with it. 

Mainly they are designing and sewing clothes but before the journey started you could find them working in Cafes in Brno. That’s how linen and coffee have met.

Material : Linen (washable)
Beans capacity: max. 400g
Price: 300 CZK

Designed by: VENNA
Made in: Brno, Czech Republic - 2020

Orders: Instagram DMs