Nordic specialty coffee roastery
proudly roasted in Brno
Our goal is to always achieve the best quality, balance and design for our products. This is what THE SPACE is all about, this is who we are

The beauty of specialty coffee

You know the feeling - the joy of buying something new. The excitement of discovering what lies inside. It is the emotional connection that gives the whole experience a new dimension.

Handbrew focused

We believe that there is one right way to roasting coffee. Our goal is to achieve the best quality, balance and natural flavours of coffee.

Coffee came from Huila region, which is one of the most popular right now. The La Cabaña farm is run by the family of Mr. Libardo Ortiz. The farm has belonged to the family for the second generation. Ortiz family moved into the area and began to devote themselves to coffee sometime in 1965, and since 2009 they have owned this particular farm, which is also their home. At the moment, Mr. Ortiz, his wife and their two eldest sons starts farming. At this moment they are happy to try new experimental coffee processing like carbonic maceration or anaerobic fermentation.

Variety: Caturra

Proccessing: Carbonic maceration

Altitude: 1600 - 1700

Coffee growing area: 8 ha

Notes: mandarine x rhubarb x brazil nuts

Funhouse. Oops, I mean roastery

Štefánikova 51
Brno, 602 00