Nordic specialty coffee roastery
proudly roasted in Brno
Our goal is to always achieve the best quality, balance and design for our products. This is what THE SPACE is all about, this is who we are

The beauty of specialty coffee

You know the feeling - the joy of buying something new. The excitement of discovering what lies inside. It is the emotional connection that gives the whole experience a new dimension.

Handbrew focused

We believe that there is one right way to roasting coffee. Our goal is to achieve the best quality, balance and natural flavours of coffee.

This farm is part of a project with an El Salvadorian producer, Jose Antonio Salaverria, and his two sons Andres and Jose Antonio, the younger. They are 6th generation coffee producers, their ancestors started growing coffee in Huachapan. Jose Antonio Senior's father offered him a house in 1970, but Jose Antonio asked for a farm instead. He was given Finca Los Nogales, which remains in the family, and is one of the farms supplying us with coffee.

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Anaerobic

Partner: Nordic Approach

Notes: pineapple x stone fruit x molasses

The anaerobic process starts immediately after the cherries are picked. When they arrive at the station they are dry fermented as whole cherries in barrels without water for 72hrs. They are then finished with the Double Soaked/Washed process we've developed and perfected with the family over the past 5 years. The family use eco pulpers called Jotagallo that remove about 80% of the mucilage.

Funhouse. Oops, I mean roastery

Štefánikova 51
Brno, 602 00